Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Colorado Rockies!

After spending the day in Rocky Mountain National Park, we met up with some friends to go see the Colorado Rockies (MLB) game in Denver.

We got seats in the purple row...exactly a mile high!

What a view!

(Half-eaten) Footlong Brat with Sauerkraut, Onions, Peppers, and Mustard. YUM!

Amazing sunset!

Rockies homerun!

One last view of the sunset we loved so much.

Unfortunately, we lost the game, but what a great experience! Can't wait to go back again. Next up, either the Colorado Avalanche (NHL) or Denver Broncos (NFL).

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall in Rocky Mountain National Park

We took another trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday. We wanted to get to the park while the Aspen were bright yellow and the Elk were in rutting season. We've heard it's a great time to go. This time we took the Peak to Peak Highway. It's a highway that runs right along the mountains with some great views.

St. Catherine's Church, along the Peak to Peak Highway

We stopped for a few views of Longs Peak, the northernmost of Colorado's 14ers.

Longs Peak

We made a stop in the Estes Park visitor's center before heading to the park. There, we found out entrance to the park was free! That was a nice surprise. So we drove through the park, and of course it didn't take long to find some amazing views. And we could hear the male elk. They sounded like dinosaurs from Jurassic Park!

River through Estes Park

View from Sheep Lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park


We stopped to take a short hike. We saw these magpies at the trailhead.

We saw a bunch of these flowers in the park. I happened to catch this one with a butterfly!

I thought this tree had character.

Looking for Elk!


Can you see me?

The trail.

Herd of Elk in the distance. There were about 15 females and one male! What a stud!

Watching the Elk in Moraine Park

Another great view!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Boulder Flatirons Hike

Sorry it has been so long since our last post. We haven't been doing quite as much exploring since Jason started school. Not to mention I had a short stretch there when I had a migraine, then got the flu. I'm still feeling a little sluggish, but I can only sit at home for so long!

Since I was sick last week, I had been feeling a little lazy. So Jason suggested we take a short hike after work. Normally, this wouldn't be possible, but it is in Colorado! There are tons of places to hike right in town! We had been wanting to do the Flatirons Hike for a couple weeks, but just kept putting it off.

The Flatirons are a set of rock formations in Boulder, that are numbered 1 through 5 from north to south. Our hike took us up Green Mountain, on switchbacks that zig-zagged between Flatirons 1 and 2. The hike to the top was probably about 1.5 miles, but the first half mile or so is a long, gradual uphill climb through a field of sorts. I think that part wore me out the most. I could tell that my lungs still weren't back to full capacity. I had to stop every 50 yards or so and I kept telling Jason I wasn't going to make it, but he made sure to stay about 15 steps in front of me, just enough to keep me motivated.

On the way up we passed a huge rock slide, the Flatironette, chipmunks throwing pinecones at us, Flatiron #3, and numerous views of Boulder, Denver, and the surrounding towns.

When we got to the top, we were behind Flatiron #1 and could see west into the Rockies. It was perfect timing for the sunset, but unfortunately, the mountains were completely cloud-covered. The view was breathtaking, nonetheless.

It's a good thing Jason thought to bring flashlights, because even though we started down in the daylight, it didn't take long to get completely dark. I'm just happy we didn't come across any bears or mountain lions!