Friday, November 27, 2009

Denver Broncos!

Happy Thanksgiving! We didn't get to have turkey and stuffing this year, but we did get to watch some great football. I think next year I'll have to try cooking a turkey, with all the fixings. But for this year, we had PB&J at Mile High Stadium. :)

We parked over at the Pepsi Center and made the hike to the football stadium. Once we reached the stadium, we were pretty excited for some football!!

Heading into the stadium.

The Denver skyline.

The Denver skyline and Elitch Gardens.

The sunset behind Mile High Stadium, in Broncos colors might I point out.

We had grrreat seats, right on the railing, no one in front of us, and no one behind us. It was a row all to ourselves!

Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!

Here come the Broncos!

Pregame festivities, with a very large horse flag.

Broncos field goal!

Enjoying the great seats and the great view.

Broncos score!

And the Broncos WIN!!

Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium in the moonlight.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

CU Football - Nov. 7th

I found these photos on my computer and realized I hadn't posted them for all to see. So, we've been to a Colorado Avalanche Hockey game and a Colorado Rockies Baseball game...but this time, we decided to go to a college football game. Jason's advisor got us a couple tickets for the CU vs. Texas A&M game. It didn't even compare to a VT football game, but it was fun to see how things are done at CU.

They might not have a very good football team, but nothing beats the view from their stadium! Take a look.

Yes, that's a real buffalo. Her name is Ralphie and she charges through the stadium twice per game to welcome the team onto the field. Apparently, her handlers are students who are on full scholarship!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Day of Skiing in Colorado -- Copper Mountain, Nov. 14th!

I know, I know, I've really be slacking on the blog posts. I'll try to be better. :)

This weekend we got our first taste of skiing in Colorado. We purchased our season passes for Copper Mountain and Winter Park Resort over a month ago, so we were excited to use them. Friday night we went to the movies with some friends and saw the late, 945PM showing of 2012...crazy, I know. What were we thinking?! We didn't get home until 1AM and then we got up at 6AM to head to the mountain! Ryan and Danielle spent the night so we could head straight to the mountain. Unfortunately, we haven't yet gotten around to cleaning out the spare bedroom. It's full of things we haven't organized yet. So they brought sleeping bags and slept in the living room. I swear we'll have that all cleaned out and ready for Mike to visit the first weekend in December. Maybe that will be a day-after-Thanksgiving task.

Anyway, off to Copper Mountain at 6AM on Saturday, after stopping for some Einstein's breakfast sammiches of course! We got to the mountain at about 830 and hit the slopes. There was only, what I would call one trail open, straight from top to bottom. But it took two lifts to ski them both. We spent a little time in the terrain park. Well, Ryan and Danielle tried a box rail while Jason and I watched. Next time, when I'm wearing a helmet, I'll probably try it. We ended up skiing until about 230PM and then headed back home. Check out some of our photos...

Our first glimpse of Copper Mountain.

The view from about halfway up the mountain, just as we got off the lift.

Waiting in the lift line at the base.

View from the very top.

We had to pose for a picture!

Mountain biking down the slopes? Pretty cool!

Taking a short break for a snack.

Hanging out in the terrain park (behind me) and people watching. It was snowing at this point.

We saw the sun a few times throughout the day.

Another photo-op on the slopes.

Waiting for Ryan and Danielle to tryout the box rail.

Amazing view from the base after our last run.

Coming up this weekend...Winter Park! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Colorado Avalanche!

So we're making the rounds on all the Colorado professional sports teams...this stop, NHL hockey's Colorado Avalanche! I'm not feeling overly wordy tonight, so check out some of our photos. Oh, and the Avalanche won! :)

The Pepsi Center, home of the Avalanche, and the Nuggets.

TWO Zambonis!!

I got a kick out of these two...they did this before the game and at both intermissions.

Here comes the team!

Adam Foote, not only is he great, but I think it's funny that part of the Avalanche's logo is a FOOT (on each shoulder of the jerseys)!

Star Spangled Banner

Avalanche Power Play!

Great night out!

Denver Broncos are next!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our First Colorado Snow Storm --- in October!

Colorado was hit by a HUGE snow storm October 27th-29th. The storm started around dinner time on Tuesday and continued through late Thursday night. We got about 20 inches in Westminster and Boulder. I was actually surprised that the Boulder Department of Commerce campus (where NIST is located) wasn't closed. We heard that some other places in CO got almost 40 inches! I don't remember where, though. I haven't yet gotten accustomed to CO geography. Some of the unofficial regions I have picked up though, are the Front Range (includes Boulder), the Western Slope (west of the Rockies, includes Grand Junction), Eastern plains (the nothingness that is east of Denver and precedes Kansas), and Denver Metro (includes Westminster). Now I just need to get a handle on what cities are where. I have some general bearings around Denver (the major suburbs), into the Mountains (where all the ski resorts are, of course), and Estes Park (entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park), and Fort Collins (where the Balloon Boy lives).

Check out some of our pictures from the storm. It all started with a delightful, light snow...

Two days later, we were buried, well, almost.

Tons of snow on the roof!

Poor tree was completely slumped over from the weight of the snow.

The Focus WAS buried. Took more quite a while to dig out, with only a scraper!

But I made it to work.

I love this picture, right outside our apartment building. I love the way the trees look right after a fresh now.

Another beautiful tree.

A frozen bicycle at CU.

Snowcovered Flatirons

Chautauqua Park


Took a break for a short walk and some photos of the Flatirons from the NIST campus.

One of the many people that took advantage of the early snow to get out their snowboarding gear.

Boulder Sunset

Another view of the Boulder sunset.

Beautiful snowcovered mountains on Saturday morning.